Ulrich Blog Prompt 3/2

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Holiday that needs more attention?


Sept. 19: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

I mean.. we should totally talk and dress up like pirates. It’d be hilarious and fun. It bring comical relief to students who are just tired of studying. :3 Most of times, holidays just give us breaks. Sure, they give us breaks, but we still have to do work… Teachers love loading up homework and projects on breaks. We might as well celebrate a day by talking pirate smack. ARRRRRRRR, what’s the area of a circle? Pi ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Squared!!!!

Hahahahaha… ha..ha…ha…ha….. Yeah, it wasn’t that funny. .___________.


1) We can talk like pirates.

2) We can carry around Dollar Store Foam Pirate swords. XD

3) We can bother people by saying ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR alot.

4) Pirates are cool.

5) We should learn from Jack Sparrow

So, yeah International Talk Like a Pirate Day would be a beneficial day to everyone who needs relief from the everyday chains of life. ^^


Ulrich Blog Post 2/27

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Haha, so a boy and girl falls in love, and profess their love to each other in one night. It definitively is physical attraction. When Romeo first sees Juliet, he only describes her physical beauty without actually taking a deeper look into characteristics and heart. When Romeo first sees Juliet at the first time, he says, “For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” Here Romeo admits that  its the beauty part that attracts him to Juliet. Sure they kissed, but that’s to be expected of infatuation. I highly doubt that it’s true love at first sight. I highly doubt it. I bet it on my PS3. Most of Romeo descriptions of Juliet only contain physical descriptions. So until Romeo actually gets to talk to Juliet, I think we can all be sure to dub it as infatuation! 🙂


Ulrich Blog Post Response 2/15/12

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Haha, it all depends on the videos you watch on YouTube!

Some videos are educational including the National Geographic Channel and other educational channels that host many educational clips free to the public. However, when you compare the number of views of National Geographic’s Science of Steel to Nyan Cat views… It’s a ratio of 1: 6523. Yeah. No one really watches the educational videos, but more like the stupid ones.

So pretty much. YouTube just hosts a whole bunch of videos that are hilarious, but are literally trash when applied to learning.

Here’s an example. Because that video, would be great learning material for class, huh?

1/23 Ulrich Blog Prompt

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Prompt: 1/23: Since we are starting Romeo and Juliet in a few days, we are going to tale this week to think about theater.  Our question:  Have you ever attended live theater outside of going to see a school play?  Ever been IN live theater?  If yes to both (or either), write about your experiences. What makes theater different than watching a film? **If you have never seen live theater or been in a theater production outside of a school play, what do you expect would make it different from watching a film?  Which do you think you’d enjoy more?  Why?

First, I’d just like to say that reposting the blog prompt from Ms. Ulrich’s wordpress makes my blog post look more filled. :3

So, “Sorry, I live under a rock.” ~Rachel Z. XD

I’ve never seen live theater or been in a theater production outside of a school play. I wish. If I had the time I would, but… I’d probably be too busy playing COD. Well. For live theater, for once IT’S LIVE.

Plus, sometimes live theater is much MUCH MUCH better than watching a film. A Classic Broadway Musical or Sparkling Vampires (AKA Twilight)? The answer is… SPARKL-. No. Broadway Musicals for the win. They’re live and we can actually see real people perform instead of fake, computer-generated stunts. I’d probably enjoy both equally. I think that live theater would be a great alternate to the occasional crappy film. UP created a better love story in 8 minutes than did Twilight in 4 books and like 3 movies (?). So watch Up, and say No to Twilight. Not only that in live musicals, we can hear singers in their natural, great voice. In movies, actors’ singing are usually replaced by clips of popular singers and composers. Theater is more natural. However, film is usually more flashier and is not limited to the same place scene. In film, stories have multiple scenes while for theater, changing scenes require intermissions and long potty breaks.

I’d enjoy both. So yeah.

FEB 14 S.A.D Way. Have fun! Cause I’m taken 😉

-Peace Out


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1984 was an okay book at the best. Sure it had some good action parts and suspense, but overall the 1940’s era of writing style just didn’t suit me.

I don’t know. It just isn’t as appealing as today’s mass of excellent books.

I’d pick Inheritance or any of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson Series books over 1984. 1984 just lacks the appeal that modern-day readers crave for or enjoy.

Maybe it was great for people back then, but now… no way. Don’t get me wrong. 1984 wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t that great either. I’m going to have to agree with the majority. 1984 wasn’t that good.

Next time Let’s read Inheritance~  😀

Ulrich Response Prompt 11/13/11

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Okay. Here’s an obivious one. SpongeBob SquarePants the Movie.

All of you guys are like


But trust me, SpongeBob SquarePants is the most underated movie of all time. It deserves to be acknowledged for its awesomeness.

I mean who could take a cartoon and turn it into underwater version of “The Little Train Who Could?”

No one. Except for the producer of this fine movie!  Plus, 1000000000000000000 kids have watched this movie! Great way to implant good values into their brains! Spongebob incorparates the immaturity of a 9 yr-old and mixes in a good dash of a lesson about perserverance, and still rake in  $85,417,988? Certainly not you! It’s done pretty well compared with other movies.

Plus, it also adds an awesome music video clip at the end which somehow resolves everything! Cool, huh? Yeahhhhh! XD

Spongebob the Movie is the most underated movie of all time hands down. People think it’s too immature, but I say HEY! THAT MOVIE IS AWESOME THE END!

Here’s that clip about how a music video solves everything!


Fahrenheit 451 Reaction

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Before I read F451, people told me that the book was a total drag and that it was extremely boring, so I adapted that as my expectation. EXPECTATION: F451 = BORING PIECE OF POOP EVER. But when I read it, it was much better than my expectations. However, though my current thoughts are much better than my expectation, F451 didn’t exactly hook me in and make me want to read more. Sure the book was okay, but it wasn’t great. The book contained minimal action and there really wasn’t much explanation about the book and it wasn’t breathtaking like Enders Game and such. Overall, F451 is just another book. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either…