Weekly Question Prompt for Ulrich 10/3

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello! Hi there guys! It’s time for another question prompt for Ms. Ulrich! Ms. Ulrich…ignore the other posts by Amanda please! Thanks!

Moving on…

My book is Calvin and Hobbes. Now that is an important book! For real! Not joking! Calvin and Hobbes is one of the greatest books of all time by adding together COMEDY (99%) and important life lessons (1%). Still, if you haven’t read the book, I ENCOURAGE you to check a copy out from the library.

Now Calvin and Hobbes remains as one of my top books, because it’s hilarious and EXTREMELY important (totally).

Here’s a segment!

Haha, good stuff!

It’s important, because even if you’re sad or tired or just plain bored, sit down with a copy of Calvin and Hobbes, enjoy hilarious comedy not intended for humorless people. Calvin and Hobbes really picks you up and restarts your “laughbox (SpongeBob reference for you people).” If humanity depends on comedy, then here you go, a copy of Calvin and Hobbes!

Sometimes this book even talks about important life choices surprisingly enough! Yup, except from the view of a child that likes to play with flamethrowers! Yeah, Waterson (the author) has some serious parts sometimes too! Even though Calvin and Hobbes isn’t a book with like LIFE CHANGING principles, it’s still hilarious. AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!!!!

So yeah, Calvin and Hobbes  is a pretty important book.




  1. I love reading Calvin and Hobbes. I used to read it all the time, it was just a good relaxing book to read. But I don’t find much time to read comics anymore…But I hope I’ll get to read more in the future! Thanks for reminding me about these comics! They’re amazing.

  2. i loved that one comic, and i think that like you said, humanity depends on humor.

  3. LPNHV says:

    Humor is very important to humanity so I’m not going to argue here with your post 😛
    I also agree that the small aspect of importance in there is very improtant as well!

  4. appyy says:

    OMG! I enjoyed reading Calvin and Hobbles. It was such a good and entertaining book, I wish I would find time to read it. Anyways I agree with you IT IS A PRETTY IMPORTANT BOOK! Thanks for reminding me about comics!

  5. chessdude1 says:

    Calvin and Hobbes is one of those books that truly captures childhood charm. Everything- from Calvin’s mindless “flirting” with Susie, or his imagination is captured so perfectly in these comics. Watterson brought back memories of my childhood, stunningly, when he was an adult. Never before have I seen that.
    Sumit Sohani

  6. Jooshten says:

    Calvin and Hobbes was my childhood! It was hard for me to read it, though. What I mean is, imagine sneaking into the pantry at night to eat food. Reading calvin and hobbes for me was like that since my parents didn’t want me reading too many comics.
    However, Calvin and Hobbes understood ME as a child as I understood the comics, and growing up with them two meant a lot about my childhood. Definitely a book to remember!

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