Fahrenheit 451 Reaction

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Before I read F451, people told me that the book was a total drag and that it was extremely boring, so I adapted that as my expectation. EXPECTATION: F451 = BORING PIECE OF POOP EVER. But when I read it, it was much better than my expectations. However, though my current thoughts are much better than my expectation, F451 didn’t exactly hook me in and make me want to read more. Sure the book was okay, but it wasn’t great. The book contained minimal action and there really wasn’t much explanation about the book and it wasn’t breathtaking like Enders Game and such. Overall, F451 is just another book. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either…

  1. My expectations weren’t quite as pronounced as yours, but I totally share your opinion on it. I mean, there wasn’t much action, and the afterword took up a good 1/3 of the book. But I did have some favorite passages though!

  2. cman2255 says:

    Agreed. The book was good because it was deep and meaningful, but I know I would not have read this book outside of school. There wasn’t much of a connection between the book and the reader. Also the book didn’t generate that much suspense

  3. bospices says:

    I guess books have different effects on different people because the book definitely hooked me in. Also you think the Ender’s Game is good which is contradictory to what all my other friends wo are reading the book said.

  4. ali1997 says:

    Yeah, I also thought it was boring, but I adapted to it and kind of enjoyed it as I read on. Too much description…. Nice response.

  5. Jooshten says:

    Comparing Ender’s Game with Fahrenheit 451 is like comparing apples to oranges to me.
    They’re both good in their own ways, and of course, ender’s game was much easier to read lol.
    However, when I finished Ender’s Game I was like, cool that was a good book. When I finished Fahrenheit, I kept thinking about what our society would be like if it were really like that, etc.
    So yeah. they’re good in their own ways I guess P:

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