Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

1984 was an okay book at the best. Sure it had some good action parts and suspense, but overall the 1940’s era of writing style just didn’t suit me.

I don’t know. It just isn’t as appealing as today’s mass of excellent books.

I’d pick Inheritance or any of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson Series books over 1984. 1984 just lacks the appeal that modern-day readers crave for or enjoy.

Maybe it was great for people back then, but now… no way. Don’t get me wrong. 1984 wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t that great either. I’m going to have to agree with the majority. 1984 wasn’t that good.

Next time Let’s read Inheritance~  😀

  1. Jooshten says:

    Seeing that your “favorite book of all time” post was Calvin and Hobbes, I’m a little doubtful when you say things like “The majority of people think 1984 wasn’t that good.”

    Idk, I mean if I were stranded on an island and could only bring one book, I’d easily pick 1984 over a Percy Jackson or Inheritance novel. Sure it’s hard to read through, but it has so much power and meaning behind the plot and events that go on in 1984 that other fictional novels today do not have.

  2. I agree that 1984 is not that appealing. I feel like the author was trying to give us a warning… but just ended up taking a couple hundred pages in what could have been described in a lot less. If 1984 was about the length of Fahrenheit 451, I most likely will feel it to be more interesting.

  3. cman2255 says:

    I feel I would have liked 1984 more if I was a little bit older. I still like the book nonetheless, but at certain points it was kind of boring and difficult to understand

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