1/23 Ulrich Blog Prompt

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Prompt: 1/23: Since we are starting Romeo and Juliet in a few days, we are going to tale this week to think about theater.  Our question:  Have you ever attended live theater outside of going to see a school play?  Ever been IN live theater?  If yes to both (or either), write about your experiences. What makes theater different than watching a film? **If you have never seen live theater or been in a theater production outside of a school play, what do you expect would make it different from watching a film?  Which do you think you’d enjoy more?  Why?

First, I’d just like to say that reposting the blog prompt from Ms. Ulrich’s wordpress makes my blog post look more filled. :3

So, “Sorry, I live under a rock.” ~Rachel Z. XD

I’ve never seen live theater or been in a theater production outside of a school play. I wish. If I had the time I would, but… I’d probably be too busy playing COD. Well. For live theater, for once IT’S LIVE.

Plus, sometimes live theater is much MUCH MUCH better than watching a film. A Classic Broadway Musical or Sparkling Vampires (AKA Twilight)? The answer is… SPARKL-. No. Broadway Musicals for the win. They’re live and we can actually see real people perform instead of fake, computer-generated stunts. I’d probably enjoy both equally. I think that live theater would be a great alternate to the occasional crappy film. UP created a better love story in 8 minutes than did Twilight in 4 books and like 3 movies (?). So watch Up, and say No to Twilight. Not only that in live musicals, we can hear singers in their natural, great voice. In movies, actors’ singing are usually replaced by clips of popular singers and composers. Theater is more natural. However, film is usually more flashier and is not limited to the same place scene. In film, stories have multiple scenes while for theater, changing scenes require intermissions and long potty breaks.

I’d enjoy both. So yeah.

FEB 14 S.A.D Way. Have fun! Cause I’m taken 😉

-Peace Out

  1. Jooshten says:

    Hey Jason,

    Your argument wasn’t convincing for me because you’re saying Twilight as if all movies were like Twilight. I’m sure I can find a bad musical and use it as an example….(high school musical live?) the same way you do.

    ps. what do you mean by “you’re taken?” 😉 can you elaborate?

    pps. http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/389469_10150461579581633_59685491632_8822388_1310287082_n.jpg

  2. jye530 says:

    Well. Nono. I said there were good movies as well I think. I’m pretty sure. 😛
    Haha, true, but High School Musical was a film as well. More of a movie with a musical incorporated into the story.

    P.S: Uhm… >>;

    PPS: Haha, EXACTLY

  3. joshuashue says:

    Um I’m only commenting here to say that the picture is from Misery.

  4. Jooshten says:

    still waiting for my “taken” explanation though jason! 🙂

  5. Sometimes, I think you are more spazzy than me… And that’s saying something! 🙂
    I can’t believe you actually quoted me in your blog. I don’t know whether to thank you or to go back under my rock in embarassment 😛
    Good point with the same spot argument! I hadn’t thought of that. I guess you can’t exactly take the audience through literal different places in a live performance, but then again, there’s another chance to admire the great scene sets if they are convincing!

    • Anonymousq says:

      Haha, same here! Film and theater both have their pros and cons that make them equally likeable. School plays are also the only play experience that I’ve had too! But hey, sometimes the special effects in a film cancel out some of the play’s pros. There have been way too many movies where the special effects went overboard like a guy jumping 1063054306840.1537 ft in the air! Pros and Cons! Nice Post! XD

  6. I watched the Up love story scene again.. I can’t believe I forgot how touching it was :’) but then again that seems to happen to all the Disney movies I watch too *sigh*
    So you say you love them both? Choose one and say which one is better, I don’t don’t want some fence-sitting posts. Think about it like this: If you were to choose one life to save between your mom and dad but couldn’t save them both, which one would you pick? (Replace mom with live theater and dad with film) good luck choosing 😉

  7. Jeffrey says:

    i CONCUR. With the general feedback from the comments. My own personal thoughts has all been expressed by the voice of the people. I have nothing else to say but to say that i back them up in their comments that i support. …. Could what i just say be considered tautology, in that the statement i said was in a tautological nature.

  8. aquadragon13 says:

    It’s okay, I haven’t been to a theater either. :/ I agree that both theater and movies are great, even if there are some that aren’t quite amazing. Nice job tough~

  9. nice name jonathan anyway, you give some good points, like saying theater does things legit, but to be honest, you really haven’t seen a play outside Northview… but you still make good points, i totally agree.

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