Ulrich Blog Post Response 2/15/12

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Haha, it all depends on the videos you watch on YouTube!

Some videos are educational including the National Geographic Channel and other educational channels that host many educational clips free to the public. However, when you compare the number of views of National Geographic’s Science of Steel to Nyan Cat views… It’s a ratio of 1: 6523. Yeah. No one really watches the educational videos, but more like the stupid ones.

So pretty much. YouTube just hosts a whole bunch of videos that are hilarious, but are literally trash when applied to learning.

Here’s an example. Because that video, would be great learning material for class, huh?

  1. But teachers show educational videos in class… It’s not like they don’t get watched. But mostly, YouTube is used for entertainment, but wasn’t that it’s original intention? 🙂

    • jye530 says:

      Haha, but how often do teachers show those videos? Agreed. YouTube is used for entertainment and not for teaching! So YouTube doesn’t really help.. 😛

  2. Jooshten says:

    Youtube is meant for all types of videos to be uploaded, but of course there is more worthless content than useful.

    also mrs. ulrich said to post school appropriate videos and that video uses very vulgar language jason

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Youtube CAN be used for education, as shown in class. while they are not INTENDED to be, it can still be done. We can easily navigate around junk videos such as the one shown by typing in and searching for the video we desire. As long as you go inside youtube with the intent of learning, it can be done. youtube has roughly 60 hours worth of video uploaded a minute. There is bound to be videos on a topic you’ll want to learn about.

  4. AHH ya it CAN be but actually when you think about it a lot acutally do study or for educational purposes but its MOSTLY useless crap

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