Hello! Hi there guys! It’s time for another question prompt for Ms. Ulrich! Ms. Ulrich…ignore the other posts by Amanda please! Thanks!

Moving on…

My book is Calvin and Hobbes. Now that is an important book! For real! Not joking! Calvin and Hobbes is one of the greatest books of all time by adding together COMEDY (99%) and important life lessons (1%). Still, if you haven’t read the book, I ENCOURAGE you to check a copy out from the library.

Now Calvin and Hobbes remains as one of my top books, because it’s hilarious and EXTREMELY important (totally).

Here’s a segment!

Haha, good stuff!

It’s important, because even if you’re sad or tired or just plain bored, sit down with a copy of Calvin and Hobbes, enjoy hilarious comedy not intended for humorless people. Calvin and Hobbes really picks you up and restarts your “laughbox (SpongeBob reference for you people).” If humanity depends on comedy, then here you go, a copy of Calvin and Hobbes!

Sometimes this book even talks about important life choices surprisingly enough! Yup, except from the view of a child that likes to play with flamethrowers! Yeah, Waterson (the author) has some serious parts sometimes too! Even though Calvin and Hobbes isn’t a book with like LIFE CHANGING principles, it’s still hilarious. AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!!!!

So yeah, Calvin and Hobbes  is a pretty important book.





Amanda.. -______-

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Uncalled for and I’m not going to homecoming anymore and Cathy is going to JHS Debate Tournament… Now b4 everyone tries to kill me… IT WASN’T MY FAULT! My parents booked a trip during homecoming.. Sigh*
Anyways, Amanda…I promise…
Plus debate is actually fun! 😀
Harsha and Lillian made finals! Congrats!!!!!
Unfortunately 20 hrs of debate cut down black ops time however…:(

Pretty stuff

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Hey guys, it’s Amanda or Jason. You can guess 😛
Anyways, I like pretty things. Like ponies and unicorns and butterflies and rainbows 😀 Ohmahgodd they are SOOO COLORFULLLL ;D
If you are still confused about who this is, well…you’ll figure out soon enough 😉
Now back to the pretty pink stuff… Unicorns are like. SOO FLIPPING COOL. They are like colorful and they have a HORN. And ponies are just cool cause they come in like 2846201 different colors. Rainbows are the ultimate sign of happiness, and butterflies are the only insects that aren’t scary.
Oh yeah guys, you know who else is pretty? CATHY SUN. Yup. It’s sooo trueeee. Cathy.. Her eyes are glitter in the sunlight and her beautiful violin skills are amazing. And the lip gloss that she puts on smells so nice. Cathy is amazing and she’s going with me to homecoming. THATS RIGHT GUYS, CATHY IS MIIINEE SO BACKOFFF.
Oh another hint, one person wrote this. The other “owner” doesn’t even know that I’m writing this. But he/she will figure out soon enough 😉
And btw, Amanda is not a lesbian. Does that help? Now I’ll just go away and pretend that nothing happened. Byeee~

Blogger number 2

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Hello there children. It’s Amanda.
Jason left his blog on my phone so I now have access to his blog forever 😀
Btw, Jason, learn how to log out when your on someone else’s phone.
adios everyoneeee~


No, I don’t think so! E.B. White’s prediction on T.V.  is absolutely false. Television does not degrade the value of sights, but it acts as a portal for everyone to see the sights. There is no rarity if no one thinks it’s rare! Television allows people all over to access the news from different places. It allows citizens to watch amazing feats such as NASA space launches, scientific feats, and new discoveries. T.V. simply allows people to a bigger newsfeed instead of local community news. T.V. streams information that we CRAVE. No one will ever get tired of great information. That also explains the long average amount of time that an average American watches. Extraordinary sights aren’t not degraded by T.V, but actually more enhanced and made available to everyone. Rarity is only degraded if you rewatch the segment a 10 times! 😛



T.V. Has Gotten… Boring -.-;

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Sigh, there’s really nothing good on T.V. anymore…

Seriously, I am not even joking! Like reality T.V. shows are too overrated…plus Nickelodeon and Disney Channel keep making extremely weird shows. Like their shows try to be funny, but I’m sitting here mouth open wondering…”huh?!” “I don’t get it…” Sorry, but

like cmon! For example, iCarly is way to overrated. It’s complicated and most of the time end up with some really weird ending like them rubbing their stomach and don’t even complete the story line, leaving viewers going..WHAT THE HECK?!

Another is ANT Farm from Disney Channel…like WHUT?! Why are there like three 7th graders in high school? There’s an obvious height difference… Sigh* I give this show a Panda Express Meal which is supposed to be an insult, because Panda Express is not real Chinese food…, nor is PF Changs… ACTUALLY GO TO REAL CHINESE RESTAURANT LIKE LIN’S or SZECHUAN HOUSE!!!!!!!!


Jersey Shore and those other reality T.V. shows…don’t get me started

Glee was actually pretty good in the beginning, but it’s not as good as before with all the drama with Finn and Quinn, etc.


AND THAT’S ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!! Oh my.. that has got to be the best show ever! 😀

It’s like the only hilarious show that still airs! Everything else? Can just get canceled and have replacement Adventure Time episodes in their slot! 😛

Haha, yes! I love that show so much! And you should too!




“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.”  ~Robert C. Gallagher

Haha, yes! Change is inevitable! WE all want the world in a way: world peace, no debt, better economy, and etc.

What I want as a change in the world is a universal movement to stamp out poverty and world hunger! The world would be a totally better place. Not to mention peace. If everyone could have a nice shelter and food to eat everyday, that would prevent so many wars and future conflicts! Wouldn’t the world be a better place? 😀 Many conflicts that happen today are from lack of food, water, and money. That’s why people steal from each other, because they lack the necessities they need that other more fortunate people have! No, I am not a hippie!

but it’s common sense! No more war for food, water,  and money! No more blood wars over diamonds in Africa! If everyone would just unite together to help fight this problem, the world be in a more better place!

Now if we can get this obesity thing down…cause it’s getting serious…